Video Game
Title ラブ★コン〜パンチDEコント〜
Developer AQ Interactive
Publisher AQ Interactive
Genre Adventure
Platform PlayStation 2
Release Date 13 July 2006

Love ★ Con - Punch DE Cont. (ラブ★コン〜パンチDEコント〜 Rabu ★ kon 〜 panchi DE konto 〜), developed and published by AQ Interactive, was released on 13 July 2006 for the PlayStation 2. At this time, the video game is only available for Japanese consumption. [1]

The game as originally released in a special edition bundle containing a copy of ラブ★コン〜パンチDEコント〜, a vinyl bag modeled after a cassette tape, a 30cm beach ball, and a Love★Com hand towel all packaged into a shiny silver box. [2]

Game PlotEdit

The player assumes the role of Risa Koizumi as she converse with characters, going down one of the many available endings based on your choices. [3]


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