Takato Koizumi

Takato Koizumi

Kanji 小泉 隆人
Romanji Koizumi Takato
Birthday unknown
Sign unknown
Gender male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
School Maido Academy
Occupation student
Affiliation Maido Academy Student
Personal Status
Relatives Mother


Risa Koizumi (older sister)

First appearance
Manga Debut Volume 06 Chapter 22
Anime Debut Episode 14
Japanese Voice Kousuke Takaguchi

Takato Koizumi (小泉 隆人 Koizumi Takato) is a support character in the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. He is also the main protagonist of Chapter 01 and a support character in Chapter 00 of the Lovely★Complex Two manga. Takato is Risa Koizumi's younger brother and the love interest of Hiyori Manabu.


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Love Interests

Hiyori Manabu

[need description]


Atsushi Ōtani [need description]

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