No. I don't care who wins or loses. What matters is how I feel.
- Suzuki to Yowao Hosokawa

Ryoji Suzuki (鈴木 涼二 Suzuki Ryoji) is a support character in the romantic comedy shojo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex. Suzuki is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan and a close friend of Atsushi Ōtani.


Much like Chiharu Tanaka, Suzuki is a very brilliant, calm, collected, shy, and easily embarrassed boy by the thought of romance. Though he isn't very talkative, Suzuki can often be mistaken as intimidating and standoffish due to his "resting bitch face" which initially terrifies Chiharu. He struggles with his own feelings of worthlessness after failing his first choice universities entrance exams, and almost willingly hands Chiharu over to to someone else that he deems as more worthy of her love.


In both the anime and the manga, Suzuki with tall and learn with sandy blonde hair kept in a neat bob with left side-swept fringe and brown eyes. Outside of school, Suzuki can be seen in various outfits usually consisting of jeans, button-up shirts, and sweater vests.

Suzuki's uniform is a white short-sleeved dress shirt with a red star and tie, gray slacks, a black belt, and brown dress shoes. He wears the same uniform in the winter as he does in the summer, but with the addition of a peach button-up sweater that has a red star on the chest and two red stripes on the left arm. Suzuki is the most traditionally dressed of the male characters and does not wear any accessories with his school uniform in either summer nor winter.

Like his friends, Suzuki chooses not to wear his uniform to school unless absolutely necessary.


Suzuki 01 Suzuki 02 Suzuki 03

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