Forget it. She can suck your sorry butt dry for all I care.
While she's at it, she can suck away the rest of your height too.

- Risa to Ōtani, Ch.52

Risa Koizumi (小泉 リサ Koizumi Risa, lit. meaning "little spring") is the protagonist of the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex. She is also a support character throughout the Lovely★Complex Two manga.

Risa is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan. Risa has always been tall for her age, being taller than the tallest boy in grade school and notably standing 167cm (5’5”) by the time she was in her first year of junior high with debut height of 172cm (5'7"). Her height and companionship with Ōtani led to her homeroom teacher referring to her as "All-Kyojin."


Throughout the series, Risa is portrayed as a loud, strong, and impulsive person who is easily embarrassed by “adult” subjects such as dating, kissing, and sex. Though she is extremely confident on the outside, she struggles with her height and general lack of a girly demeanor. Her height had always bothered her, but it didn't pose an issue until her then-crush Suzuki stated that he doesn't see her as a girl simply because of her height.

Risa boasts an overly cheerful and happy front in the face of anyone that hurts her feelings. Notably when Ōtani rejects her during their class trip to Hokkaido where she smacks him hard on the back of the head and laughs the situation off before running away. Risa feels an intense sense of obligation to help her friends, best seen when she feels guilty for not being able to console Nobu after overhearing Nakao crying about her moving away.

Risa is not a particularly intelligent person and does badly in school, being the last of her friends to decide on a future plan. She is absolutely clueless when it comes to love, often commenting on how she had never really put much thought into being in a relationship. Despite that, she falls hard and fast when she actually finds someone she likes. She thinks highly of Ōtani’s ex-girlfriend, Mayu Kanzaki, and feels inadequate compared to her petite stature and girly personality. Risa bonds closely to her love-rival Mimi because of their shared feelings of inadequacy compared to Kanzaki and a mutual love for Ōtani.


Risa is tall - standing 172cm or 5'7" - with a slender build and shoulder length hair. She has the fashion sense of a stylist, and can be seen wearing an array of fashionable clothing and various hair-do's throughout both the anime and manga. 

In the manga, Risa’s hair changes between light red, light brunette, and orange, while her eyes can be seen as both brown and reddish-brown. The summer uniform consists of a short-sleeved white polo shirt that has a brown stripe on the folded collar and a brown skirt with a black stripe around the hem. The winter uniform consists of a mustard yellow, plaid, long-sleeved button-up dress shirt, and a brown tie, suit jacket, and skirt. Although she is occasionally seen wearing her school uniform in the manga, like during the summer closing ceremony in Chapter 01, it is mentioned that their school is uniform optional.

In the game, Risa's hair and eyes are both a light orange color. Her fashion sense is the same as seen in the anime and manga, and the school uniform she is seen wearing is the one from the manga.

In the anime, Risa has light red hair and brown eyes similar to Ōtani. Risa wears a school uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, gray skirt, blue knee-high socks with white stripes, and red shoes with orange laces. During warmer weather she wears a peach sweater vest with red stripes and a star. In addition to her uniform, she wears a peach cardigan with red stripes on the arm, buttons, and a star during colder weather. Risa is the only female character to not wear the uniforms red ribbon necktie. Outside of school, Risa's fashion sense is similar to the manga and she is seen wearing an array of outfits.

The only media Risa is not seen wearing her uniform is in the live action movie. In the movie, Risa is again seen wearing an array of fashionable outfits that are overly accessorized. She has brown eyes and brunette hair that is always in some sort of up-do.


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Risa takes a high interest in fashion, often helping her friend Nobu with her outfits and even pierces Nobu’s ears later in the series. Because of her love to help others look nice, she decides to go to a vocational college to become a fashion stylist. Besides fashion, Risa has a fond interest in singer Umibōzu and virtual dating SIMS.

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