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Thanks for visiting this page! Here is a set of guidelines for users who wish to contribute by editing or creating articles. We ask that all users respect the rules and policies of Lovely Complex Wiki, and edit in good faith. Keep in mind that activity on this wiki is monitored and violations of editing protocol may result in edit reversion. Recurring offenses will incur a warning or block. The following is a list and description of the rules and policies of the Lovely Complex Wiki.


All articles must be written in English. This wiki consists of an English-speaking community, and all edits are expected to adhere to proper English writing and grammar. Do not use jargon or colloquial phrases outside of the subject matter itself, and try to avoid unnecessarily complex wording. All pages should be easily understood by readers who have a passable level of fluency in the English language.

This wiki is a free encyclopedia accessible to users of all ages. Vulgar language and profanity is strictly prohibited in articles, discussions, and anywhere in the wiki. First-time offenders will receive a warning; any subsequent violations will result in an immediate block.

Writing Style

All articles should be written in present tense and a neutral, third-person format. Words such as "I" or "you" are strictly forbidden. Factual information must be clearly detailed, cited, and free of opinion or bias. Parentheticals or phrases that are enclosed within parentheses are discouraged on text-based pages. Any additional details can be expressed in a separate sentence or comma-separated clause. Parentheses should be used only as a part of Japanese translations and the occasional use of acronyms.


As previously stated in the Site Policies, all uploaded images must be licensed to avoid copyright violations. For cohesion purposes, please name all images in accordance to its contents.

  • Multiple images featuring the same subject can be numbered or expanded within reason
    • ie. Pictures of Risa can be named "Risa," "Risa 02," or "Risa and Ōtani"
  • Manga thumbnails should be named "Manga # thumbnail"
    • ie. Manga 3 Thumbnail is named "Manga 3 thumbnail"
  • Anime thumbnails should be named "Episode # thumbnail"
    • ie. Episode 3 Thumbnail is named "Episode 3 thumbnail"

All users are expected to abide by this naming system to avoid duplicate images and unintentional image overwrite. Unused or irrelevant images are subject to removal.

Citation and Referencing

General statements taken from the series do not need to be cited. Any factual information such as character personality traits, plot points, and character histories must be referenced and linked to its corresponding episodes. This allows readers to check any facts they may disagree with.

To add a reference, cite the source of information between <ref></ref> tags.

  • All information can be cited as <ref>Book: Title | Source | Manga#, Chapter#, pg.#. Retrieved MM DD, YY.</ref>

Please maintain proper formatting to ensure cohesiveness of the page. For additional help on citing, please contact a staff member.

Page Content


The Statistics section is formatted into infoboxes and should contain relevant, accurate statistics. If statistics such as a family name or age change throughout the manga, use {{small|}} in order of most recent event.


The Trivia section is reserved for relevant, proven facts related to the article. This includes inconsistencies throughout the plot, obscure facts about the article's content, and author footnotes. This could also be things that the author has said about the article's topic. General, vague statements, speculations, and opinions do not belong in this section.


This wiki only deals with information provided on the English-translated chapters of Lovely Complex. For users who read ahead on the original Japanese version, please do not upload any spoiler information.

For pages that serve as a summary of events from an entire episode, such as the articles of each episode and its characters, any spoiler content may not be presented at the same point within the narrative that a reader would encounter it while reading the actual chapter. On pages that relate to integral plot elements, such as a specific event or term, spoilers should be limited to only those situations that directly affect or are affected directly by it and unrelated matters should be avoided completely.

Speculation/Theories and Assumptions

Guesswork through unconfirmed speculation is unacceptable. This wiki only deals with clearly defined facts. Any mentions of references to materials outside of the series must be clear and direct homages to those other works. There should be no guesswork involved when recounting the events that actually happen in a story or relationships among different characters.

Speculations and other unknowns can be added to comments, such as discussion and blog posts, where these ideas can be put to discussion. Some theories are interesting and sometimes even plausible, but they cannot be displayed alongside things that are factual, as it can become difficult for readers to determine which is which if it is all mixed together on the same page.