Kazuki Kohori

Kohori bust

Kanji 小堀 和希
Romanji Kohori Kazuki
Nickname(s) Kohori


Birthday 3 May
Sign Taurus
Gender male
Height 158cm (5'1.5")
Weight 48kg (105lbs)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
School unknown high school
Occupation cook
Affiliation Ikebe Diner Staff
Personal Status
Relatives Abe (girlfriend)
First appearance
Manga Debut Volume 09 Chapter 36
Anime Debut Episode 22
Japanese Voice Hiroki Shimowada

Kohori Kazuki (小堀 和希 Kazuki Kohori) is a support character of the romantic comedy shōjo manga and anime series Lovely★Complex created by Aya Nakahara. Kohori is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan. He is a first year high school student at an all male school and Risa Koizumi's co-worker at Ikebe Diner.

Appearance Edit

Kohori, much like Ōtani, is very short though he is 1cm or 0.5" taller than Ōtani is.


Kohori 01 Kohori 02 Kohori 03

Personality Edit

Kazuki is quite innocent and gullible. When Risa's friend came to Ikebe, he easily believed all of the stories they told him. He's very shy about his feelings for Risa, but is determined to win her heart.

Love InterestsEdit


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Seiko KotobukiEdit

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Risa KoizumiEdit

Risa soon discovers that he is also an avid Umibouuzu fan. He very soon develops feelings for Risa, who admits to herself that she finds him 'cute'. Against her better judgment, Risa attends an Umibouzu concert with Kohori which leads to her temporary breakup with Otani.


Atsushi Ōtani Kazuki never got along with Otani. Once he learned that Otani was Risa's boyfriend, Kazuki declared that he was going to win Risa from Otani. Likewise, Otani became jealous of Risa hanging out with Kazuki and promised to beat him up if he caught Risa with him.