Hiyori Manabu

Hiyori Manabu

Kanji マナブヒヨリ
Romanji Manabu Hiyori
Nickname(s) Manabu-san
Birthday unknown
Sign unknown
Gender female
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
School Maido Academy
Occupation student
Affiliation Maido Academy Student
First appearance
Manga Debut TWO Volume 01 Chapter 00

Hiyori Manabu (マナブヒヨリ Manabu Hiyori) is a manga only character and the protagonist of Chapter 00 of the romantic comedy shōjo manga Lovely★Complex Two created by Aya Nakahara. Manabu is from the Osaka Prefecture on Honshu Island in Japan. She is quiet on the outside but a raging otaku on the inside.


Manabu is a short and petite first year high schooler at Maido Academy. She is seen in the manga with short brown hair in a bob-style and brown eyes. She dresses very plain with no discernible flair as this is what she feels bests fits her "ordinary" personality.


Manabu has a very shy and quiet personality when it comes to people in the real world. Much like Risa, Manabu is very excitable when it comes to talking about anime and Cain-sama as these are the few things in the world that make her feel safe. She describes herself as an "otaku" and she thinks it's disgusting. Despite her shy personality, she is very forthcoming with Takato because he does not judge her for the things that she likes.

Love Interests

Takato Koizumi

Takato and Manabu are classmates and friends that met their first year of high school. They had never really talked before being thrown onto the Athlete's Committee together as punishment for sleeping and doodling during class. The two quickly bonded when a conversation was started about Cain-sama, though Takato doesn't care for the character, he was more than willing to listen to Manabu talk about it which quickly embarrasses Manabu as she had never spoken about anime to anyone before. Takato borrows the "Love Love Fantasy" games from Risa for Manabu to play in return for accidentally hitting her on the head with a basketball. After the Athletic's Festival is over, Takato and Manabu remain friends, and were grouped together again to create a welcome sign for a TV news station later on. After Takato decides to quit school, Manabu finds him and begs him to go back for her sake. Takato obliges and states that "there is some purpose for (him) being at school" as he wipes Manabu's tears away. Though Manabu does admit to herself that she is in love with Takato, she never confesses, and it is hinted that Takato does have feelings for her, too.